1st Week Done!

Week One is done at both Camp Christy and Cross Wind. I would like to quote Danielle Massaglia from Camp Christy with this....."Please pray for these campers....that they have left with more passion and hunger for Jesus."  That is our prayer, as well as our encouragement for campers and staff. Great job everyone. 

Looking forward to Week Two with the Junior Camp at Camp Christy and the Praise and Worship Camp at Cross Wind. Let's "Run The Race" together this week and encourage each other during our second leg.  Looking forward to seeing you.

Also check out Camp Christy's Facebook page.....lots of cool things going on there.


Running Start

Folks....we are off to a running start....pun intended. Have a great group of people working on our Middle School Camp at Camp Christy and also our Day Camp at Cross Wind. Kids are soaking up lessons about what it means to "Run The Race" as a Christian. Lots of preparation, support for one another and developing endurance to help each other be what God has called us to be. Thanks to Jack Hanks, Pastor at FBC Dodge City, and his staff for their work in Middle School Camp and Joel Grizzle, Pastor at FBC Lyons, and his staff for their work at the Day Camp. 


New Website

Hope you are liking the new website. We are still in the process of developing the site so that you will be able to find information and forms for camping as well as fun pictures of what is happening at camp. We will still use our Facebook page, but our goal is to run everything through this website.