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Director of Camping James Blake has served as youth pastor at First Baptist Church Paola and has excitedly accepted the call of pastor for the Ada- Minneapolis Parish (Antioch Baptist Church in Ada and First Baptist Church of Minneapolis).  His family has completed their move from Paola in eastern Kansas to Ada in north central Kansas, taking may of their possessions in a “microbus”.  James accepted the position of Director of Camping in 2016 and is excited about the 2017 Theme “I Believe”.  He will also be directing the Family Camp at Camp Christy the end of May, starting off the 2017 camping season.  NEW PHONE:  785-829-7645

Rita Adams (Cross Wind Primary) is in her fourth year of directing the youth grades 2-4.  Many of the staff in this camp will also be returning for their fourth year in working with her.  Rita grew up going to church camp in Southeast Kansas at Camp Crawford and has served as a camp staff member at Omega Haven northeast of Topeka.  She loves writing devotions and stories for youth and looks forward to seeing these young people grow in their walk with God.

Linda Artz (Camp Christy Day) has been director of the young campers at Camp Christy for several years.  Linda is a teacher and a member of First Baptist Church in Scott City.

Jim Autrey (Camp Christy Junior) is a retired minister and has a heart for young people.  He enjoys the camp setting at Scott City and often has a camp at its full capacity.  Jim started directing church camp in 1975, has directed camps at Camp Crawford, Christian Hills, and Camp Christy (all in KS) and at Sierra Pines in northern CA.  Jim has served as the junior camp director for several years along with several returning staff members.  Jim and his wife have a retreat center in Council Grove.  Jim also serves as the Pastor-to-Pastor Adjunct for the Central Region.  One of the most exciting aspects of camp for Jim is seeing young people getting turned on to Jesus and choosing to seek to follow Him and seeing them grow in their faith.

Brittany Blake (Westminster Woods Primary) is the wife of the Directory of Camping, James.  They just recently moved to Ada KS.  This will be Brittany’s first year as camp director, after helping with other camps for five years.  In her free time, she loves reading and spending time with her family.  Brittany absolutely loves camp and looks forward to working with these young campers.

Bacone College (Camp Christy MS & SH) students have served as interns for several camps at both Camp Christy and Cross Wind for the past few years.  They will be directing the Middle School and Senior High camps at Camp Christy this year.

Kathy Carlson (Camp Christy Junior) is on the pastoral staff of First Baptist Church in Chanute.  She has been the director of this camp for several years and has a number of returning staff each year.  Kathy was recently honored with the Legacy Award by the Central Region Minister Council.

Carrol L. "Teddy" Cook (Cross Wind MS1) has served on staff at the Primary Camp for many years.  He will do that again this year, but will also step in as the director for the Middle School 1 camp this year.  Teddy worked in the steel industry before spending the last ten years in ministry and is somewhat retired, living in KS, with his wife Dianna and some cats, although he'd like to have a dog.  He started going to camp in the 5th grade and accepted Christ at camp.  He was challenged to return to camp prior than going into the ministry and did just that about 32 years ago.  Teddy feels camping is a great evangelical tool.

Kelly Flaska (Camp Christy Primary II) served on staff at Camp Christy for several years and directed the Primary II camp last year. 

Audrey Glavin (Cross Wind SH) is the wife of David Glavin, pastor at New Hope Baptist Church in Wellsville.  David has directed this camp previously with Audrey on staff.

Joel Grizzle (Cross Wind Day) has served as director of this camp for a few years.  Along with staff from his church, they provide daily programming for these young campers.  Joel is the pastor at First Baptist Church in Lyons KS.

Steve Neal (Cross Wind College) is pastor of First Baptist Church of Turner in Kansas City.  Both Steve and his wife Laurie have been involved in the camping ministry at Cross Wind for the past several years. Steve has served as both Camp Director and Camp Pastor of the Junior Camp and Laurie has served as camp staff. Steve and Laurie eagerly volunteered to direct this camp for its first year in 2016. They look forward to this year and offer a time for recreation and renewal for those of college age

Lyndon Perry (Cross Wind Praise & Worship) is the pastor at Faith Renewal Baptist Church in Wichita; and he has served American Baptist Churches in Pennsylvania and Kansas for 25 years.  He has been active in camping since grade school and has a heart for youth.  Lyndon directed this camp for the first time in 2016 and is excited to direct this same camp this year.

Jason Porter (Cross Wind MSII) is the youth pastor at First Baptist Church in Gardner and has directed this camp for several years.  Members of his camp band include his brothers.  He also serves on the Camp & Conference Board.  His camp has been at full capacity for the past several years.

Valerie Terrazas (Camp Christy Primary I) works as a para with young children in Garden City.  She has served on camp staff in previous years and looks forward to this year’s camp.  She serves as Moderator of First Baptist Church in Garden City and was married there last July.  She also serves as the Western Area Association President for AB Women and the 2017 Conference Associate.

Due to the unavailability of the Canoe Camp director Andrew Taylor, we unfortunately had to cancel the Canoe Camp for 2017.